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Nepal First Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj Went to Assam Yatra (असम यात्रा)

Nepal First JagadGuru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj went to Assam in Nepali Year 2027 Falgun (English Year 1971, February – March) to promote Vaishnavism. Thousands of devotees got the opportunity to understand Vaishnavism as well as to become a Vaishnav and continue the lessons of Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamiji Maharaj. Vaishnavism is the Philosophy that Swami Sri Ramanujacharya accepted and promotes equality for all devotees and their rights to surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana, no matter if they are man, woman, or what their cast is. All devotees should be treated equally and have equal rights to follow Vaishnavism.

Following the Path of Ramanujacharya & Guru Parampara, Swami Sri Yogirajachaya promotes the Vaishnavism in Nepal, Bhutan, Assam, and other parts of India. This video presents the history from when Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj went to Assam and what’s the situation alike in the present year.

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