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Nepal Jagad Guru (First Jagad Guru) Yogiraj Swami Bhajan नेपाल राष्ट्रका प्रथम जगद्गुरु ► SRD BHAKTi

Srd Bhakti Media celebrated the 152nd Birthday (Janma Utshav) of Nepal First’s Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamiji Maharaj. The Bhajan title: Jagad Guru Swamijee is beautifully recorded by Srd Bhakti Music Studio & Vocal by Dewaraj Dhakal (Dipendra Dhakal).

The bhajan is dedicated to Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj and a way to remember his legacy, while he was alive for 117 years just by drinking a glass of Milk and perform”Astanga Yoga” able to control the breathing system and clean internal system.

Jagad Guru Yogairaj Swamijee Maharaj treated everyone equally and gave an opportunity to all devotees to learn and get educated from him. During his legacy, Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj went to different cities, countries, and states to promote Vaishnavism and Ramanujacharya Philosophy.

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