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नेपाल राष्ट्रका प्रथम जगद्गुरु योगीराज स्वामीजी महाराज – Real Voice of Nepal Jagad Guru► SRD BHAKTi


Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj was born in 1868 at Ilam, Namsaling town, Nepal as the son of Muktinath and Yashodha. As a prodigy, he studied Veda, Sanskrit grammar, and shastra with his guru Sadhananda and his father Muktinath respectively. In pursuit of advanced knowledge and devotion towards God, he went to Ayodhya and Vrindavan to study Vedanta philosophy and Srimad Bhagwatam.

Jagad Guru of Nepal, Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj, In search of Moksha(Liberation), Swamiji proceeds to Saivic Muth based on Sankaracharya principles in Jagganath Puri. The Saivic guru suggested that he should become Vaishnav from Ramanujacharya’s Guruparam Para philosophy because that’s the only path for Moksha and that’s exactly what Yogiraj Swamijee was searching for. Yogiraj Swamijee received the Pancha Sanskar from Sri Anantacharya Swamiji Maharaj. Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj went to Sri Badrika Ashram to learn the Yog, Astanga Yoga from Sri Swami Raghunathacharya, which the Astanga Yoga came from the path of Sri Nathmuni Swamijee.

Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamijee passed his knowledge to devotees all around the world until he was 117 years old. Swami lived his life just by drinking a glass of milk and doing Astanga Yoga. With his extreme knowledge of Vaishnavism & Astanga Yoga, Acharyas from all around the world came to visit him to receive blessings & to honor the Jagad Guru Ceremony. In 1984 March 9, Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj was around 116 years old when he was requested to attend the grand program in Gaidakot Nepal, and Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji Maharaj from India was presented in the program. With 108 times of Abishek from Acharyas, Yogiraj Swamijee Maharaj became the First Jagad Guru of Nepal.

In this video, Nepal Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swamiji maharaj giving speech in his late days to his devotees in Bhutan and due to the media issue back in days, this is the only real voice captured by his devotees.

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