Nepal Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swami Special History || Swami Sri Krishnamacharya, JetWorld ► SRD BHAKTi

Nepal Jagad Guru Yogiraj Swami Special History || Swami Sri Krishnamacharya, JetWorld ► SRD BHAKTi
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Nepal’s first JagadGuru(World Preceptor) Yogiraj SriKamalayanacharya Swamiji had taken avatar in this world in 1868 Ilam, Nepal. As a profound ashtanga yogi and renowned devotee of lord Srimannaraya his Acharaya(preceptor), Aaantacharya permitted him to spread the philosophy of Ramanujacharya. Hence, for the rest of his life, Swamiji went on to numerous villages in Nepal, India, and Bhutan to initiate individuals to Sri Vaishnavism. Additionally, Swamiji was honored by the title of Nepal’s First JagadGuru in Gaindakot, Nepal on 9th March 1984. In the presence of his Holiness Sri Satakop Jeeyar Swamiji and Sriman Narayana Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji along with hundreds of Acharyas and devotees. Furthermore, Jagadguru Yogiraj SriKamalanayanacharya Swamiji was preaching Sri Vaishnavism until his divine Samadi at the age of 117 years in Bhutan. Thus,
Sri Ramanujarya Divyagya Vardatam Abi Vardatam.

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