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Govind Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo – Radha Krishna Bhajan || Naam Sankritan Bhajan || Dewaraj Dhakal ► SRD BHAKTi

New Naam Sankirtan bhajan Released at Srd Bhakti YouTube Official Page. The title of the bhajan is: Govinda Bolo Hari, Gopal Bolo, and bhajan is mixed composed with Shriman Narayana & Govinda Mero Hai Gopal Mero Hai. This bhajan was released on November 27, 2020, and it’s about 4 minutes long. The purpose of the bhajan is to remember Lord Sriman Narayana in various names such as Govinda, Gopala & Hari.

Govinda Bolo Hari, Gopala Bolo
Radha Ra Madha Hari Govinda Bolo
Singer – Dewaraj Dhakal
गोविन्द मेरो है गोपाल मेरो है…
प्रस्तुति – श्रीमद् रामानुज दर्शन (SRDBHAKTi)
स्वर – सङ्गित / Music – देवराज ढकाल
भजन निर्देशन / Director – राम ढकाल

निर्माण / Production – SRDBHAKTi

SRD-BHAKTi is an online bhajan and art of living bhajans which provides not only bhajan but it also provides Katha of Ramayan, Mahabharat Katha, Puran, Vishnu Puran, Bhagwat Gita, Shreemad Bhagwat, and in our website you will be able to access such as library, Hindu library, Alavandar stotras pdf, Bhagavad Gita readable in Nepali language/ Sanskrit language.

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